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Reclaiming Our Healing
Returning October 2024!

Imagine you could walk into a white-walled medical office or hospital and feel grounded in the knowledge that your experience is your truth, that you are the expert on your body, and that you get to choose the next steps on your healing path. You are feeling prepared to receive the recommendations of the providers and support team as advice, not requirements. To help have the tools, resources, and awareness to find providers who truly honor you as a human, whose values and ideas on wellness align with yours.

Each of us has a unique story of what wellness is. A unique definition of wellness that will best hold and support our healing process. The story of wellness that our culture has offered as true for all does not fully align for…probably anyone or at least for very few. Expecting us to aim for a goal of wellness that does not match, or isn’t doable, creates a story that wellness and thriving isn’t possible. And that belief, that story, harms us. 

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Medical trauma is real.

As a healing human, a medical student and a doctor I have been hurt by the medical system and those within it who move from the fear and oppression it was built on. I believe that all of us have been affected by this system in some way that has impaired our healing.


When the oppression and hierarchy of the medical system is so pervasive it is difficult to see another option or consider that a healing space that holds us as humans could be possible. An important part of our healing journey is looking at the ways and places we’ve been hurt, naming them, and having our experiences witnessed and affirmed.


Being able to explore these experiences in a group helps us see that we are not alone, we are not “wrong” for needing something outside this broken system. This is part of the reason I offer this Reclaiming Our Healing process as a group experience. I built this container as an invitation to hold compassion for ourselves and each other in these moments.

One primary goal of Reclaiming Our Healing is to support us to identify and move toward our own healing journey and unique definition of wellness with clarity, courage, and language that feels true and resonant. Through this guided workshop, together and individually we will explore our experiences in the medical/health care system as well as healing experiences that might have been outside of the Western medical realm. We will discuss different ways to move towards thriving and explore our unique healing identities.


My intention is that we will end our gathering feeling more liberated to follow our unique paths toward our own personal definitions of wellness. My hope is that in connecting with others who are also moving towards personalized paths of healing and wellness will inspire us when it feels hard. That we will be able to be uplifted by the knowledge that as more of us ask for human-honoring care, more will become available.

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