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Liberating Our Healing

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.” – Fred Rogers


Liberating Our Healing:
A virtual connection, full of embodied anatomy & exploring body function.
Guided by Dr. Kaeri. 

Healing is a natural act. Our bodies are always working to take care of us. Our bodies tell stories and communicate to help us move towards healing. Our bodies (generally) don’t communicate through words, they communicate through experiences. In the medical system you may have heard the word “symptoms” to describe those body experiences. I prefer “experiences” because it widens the possibility of the descriptions that can be used.

Liberating Our Healing is an offering created to help build and grow a deeper understanding of our bodies and how to connect with them.  As this understanding grows, it offers us an engaged relationship to our inner-knowing. Trust and a feeling of safety are essential for full healing. When we don’t understand something, we often develop fear. Unfortunately, most of the time, our school systems, culture, and the US medical system don’t teach us about our bodies and have created a narrative that all body communication is a sign that something is “wrong”, we are “broken,” and “need to be fixed.” This framing doesn’t honor our bodies' innate healing and wisdom or the truth that health and wellness are different for each person.

The Liberating Our Healing series is intentionally created to support you to learn more about your body: the parts, how it works, why it works; how to connect with your body and how to more fully listen to and understand your body experiences and messages. I fully believe — and have witnessed time and time again — that as we better understand our bodies and their communication, we gain trust, feel safer in our bodies, and more deeply support our body’s natural ability to heal.

Many people (possibly some of you) learned through life experiences that it was easier or safer not to connect to their body experiences. This pattern develops as a protective tool…which was helpful for a time and may no longer serve you. In order to give ourselves permission to connect with our bodies it can be helpful to explore our relationship to our bodies. Sometimes starting this connection can feel difficult, big and/or scary. It may also feel exciting, relieving or any other emotion. Whatever you are feeling is okay. It is where you are in this moment. I spaciously honor that we are all in different places in our journey of body connection. In the Intro class we will discuss ways we connect inward and invite the process with gentleness and compassion.

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The Offering

A virtual community of learning, practice & embodiment. 

During each session we follow a similar process:

  • Connecting to ourselves and our group

  • Discussing and looking at images of our amazing parts and systems

  • Exploring how these parts work 

  • Practice feeling and connecting with these body parts

  • Sharing words that we might use to describe these body sensations

  • Discuss tools to support our bodies with a focus on the part and/or system we are discussing


Photography by Jen Downer of She Saw Things

Bodies are awesome!

To support our conversation and help offer a more easeful understanding of our bodies I have divided our body into 6 systems. These system names are not the ones I learned in medical school, nor are they what you’ve likely heard during your medical system experiences. These names are based on the supportive function, the way these body parts and components are moving our full selves towards healing and health.




We will focus on each system for 3-4 sessions. I will be asking our community, those attending regularly and/or signed up for the series, which body part(s) they’ll want to cover during these sessions. I’m excited to build this with your preferences and interests in mind. I may also choose to bring awareness to a body part I’m seeing communicate a lot during my in person work. In my experience, we as a species and community are often navigating similar healing paths simultaneously.

Because I am just one humxn with just one body, this curriculum will include opportunities for community sharing, so we can learn from more people and more bodies. You can choose to participate without choosing to share, it is important to me that everyone is involved in a way that feels honoring and spacious to them. 

Feeling connected with our bodies.
Knowing what you need for healing.
Feeling seen in the truth of your experience. Feeling powerful as you navigate your healing journey. 
Let's do this together...

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Reciprocity Guide
View on Laptop or PC or in Registration Form

I intentionally lead with trust as I share my reciprocity guide.

With Gratitude,

More Details

What is included in the full series?
For those who sign up for the series and pay monthly or for the full year up front you will receive:
  • A 1.5 hour real time connection and learning opportunity every other Friday
  • Access to the videos of the sessions, even if you aren’t able to attend in real time (To offer more full consent to those in attendance, please plan to attend at least one session during the first three sessions of the series, ideally the Intro)
  • An opportunity for online connection with other community members between sessions to share body experiences and learn from each other (this space will not be curated by Kaeri, it is for community and connection)
  • A more full and connected relationship with your body
  • FUN! (I love laughter…and find it important to bring that into our conversations - when appropriate)
How do I sign up?!?

Register for the series or per body system here and the fabulous Lindsay Fletcher will reply with a unique pay link! If signing up for single sessions aligns more with your spaciousness, you can register for single sessions directly from our event calendar.

Can I sign up for single sessions?

If you think the series sounds awesome, supportive and how you’d like to honor your body, and you’re not yet sure for any number of reasons, you can start with single sessions or to join for a 2 moon cycle focusing on one body system.  As long as space remains, you could also transition to a series membership once you feel more clear.

If you’d prefer to sign up for single sessions individually, please know that you will need to attend live to have access to the video for that session afterwards. At this point, videos will not be available if you do not join live or are not signed up for the community. I have created this boundary because during these sessions I am inviting an experiential process, a process that encourages vulnerability and it is important to me that if the experiences of those who are in attendance are shared, those who receive access to the video be part of the community and/or present to the real-time experience.

Can I sign up for one body system at a time?

I honor that the full year-long series may not align with life and availability, and perhaps a 2-moon cycle connection would feel more available. As space remains, you are invited to enroll for one body system at a time. For the intention of creating and inviting community and to foster safety, you will need to attend at least one session live before accessing the recordings for that system.

How many people can join each session?

To help hold space for conversation, questions, sharing of experiences and healing practices each session will be limited to 10-12 humxns. I share this not to create urgency, rather to honestly share that signing up earlier or signing up for the full series may help hold your space as part of this community. If less than 10 people sign up for the full series, it will be possible for folks to join for single sessions. I will be communicating about each upcoming session and sharing what part(s) and system we are discussing and how many spaces are available. 

If you aren’t able to join, please support my expanded healing work and ability to offer price flexibility by spreading the word to your communities or consider increasing the accessibility of this offering by sponsoring another person’s participation.

Do you have additional questions?
Please email and either Linds or Dr. Kaeri will answer you (depending upon the question). 

"I find that the more I understand about the mechanics of my internal workings the more invested in and interested in my own health I become."

An awesome humxn supported in healing by Dr. Kaeri

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