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Humxnist Medicine

Together we’ll nurture ways for you to practice your healing modality(ies) that feel aligned, reciprocal, humxnist and honoring. We’ll engage a spaciousness of practice that leaves room for your full humxn self, invites you to connect authentically with the people you are offering care to, and weaves embodied healing into both your own self-tending and service. This is a space for continued guidance and ongoing support.


We may integrate functional medicine mentorship and check-ins, move through the foundation of fear that permeates so much of the medical system and the way we’re taught to practice, and vision into new ways of offering our healing work into the world. This container offers short, regular check-ins to support sustainability in your work. 

Keyhole Rock at Beach.jpg

The Container

Two 30-min calls or one 60-min call each month

PLUS up to 30-minutes of asynchronous voice memos per month 

A total of 4 or 5 sessions

Sliding Scale - $250-$350/month

We’ll begin with a one-month partnership and then shape an ongoing commitment for 3-6 months.

Additional flexible pricing available when agreeing to a several-month collaboration. Let’s connect.


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