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I believe that as providers, we generally come to our work wanting to truly be of service, with a deep desire to offer meaningful healing to those we support. Yet the training we receive and the complex, deeply flawed medical system we then work within can often cloud or encourage us to hide our true gifts, make us think we must fit into a very prescribed mold in order to do good work, and ask us to forget that we are also humans with needs. So often these healthcare spaces separate us from our true medicine, our innate wisdom, and our grounded sense of self — and they ask the people we support to do the same.

Gray Rock Spiral on Sand by Sculpt the World.jpg

Photo by Jon Foreman of Sculpt the World

When we cultivate inner trust and move from that trust in our interactions within and outside of the medical system, we break the cycle of fear that the system is built on. That’s when change happens. 

These offerings grew into being to support other like-minded healers, those deeply committed to a new paradigm of healing — so that we can be held and witnessed as we find our most aligned healing work.

A return to trust. A deepening into self. A truly honoring path. Let's lead through our own healing.

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If you’re interested in either of these offerings, please send an email to

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It took me a long time to realize that my healing gifts were meant for me too.

- Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza

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