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This is for providers new & seasoned who are approaching burnout, feeling misaligned on your current path, wishing things were different ((needing them to be)) and not knowing how to get there. 

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Let’s unwind from unnecessary urgency, from the shoulds of the system that don’t invite our unique expression to flourish. Let’s return the sacred to this path of service, shedding martyrdom along the way. Here, we’ll expand into trust and spaciousness, root into possibility and openness, and invite exploration in held and supported ways. We’ll embrace our fullness of self in all of our humanity. Cultivate your own permission to practice medicine in the way you want to practice medicine. Be held, witnessed, and guided on the journey.

The Container

90 minute to 2 hour connection sessions

Every other week or every third week 

A total of 4 or 5 sessions

Sliding Scale - $3000-$5000

If this cost is a barrier, please reach out. Payment plans are available.


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