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An opportunity for connection. An opportunity to be held in a space that honors your authentic experience. An opportunity to explore what wellness/wellbeing means to each of us. An opportunity to learn about your amazing and beautiful body. An opportunity to connect to, learn from, and honor your inner knowing. An opportunity for healing. 

" Body, I give you space to tell me what I need to know instead of working so hard to listen."

 Kaeri Schaefer

Center Tattoo Jenny Downer_She Saw Things

Health is different for each person.

To heal, the world needs more people to connect with and trust their inner knowing. We must lead through our own healing.

The US medical system does not honor individuals' experiences and needs. People are disconnected from their bodies and health.

When we don’t understand something, we often develop fear. Thus, as we learn to better understand our bodies and our body's communication, we can feel safer in our bodies.

Liberating Our Healing: Coming Up Next!

Learn to connect in with your body and inner knowing. We begin the 2024 Liberating Our Healing series with Nourishment - a 4 part, 2-moon cycle series on fueling and supporting our bodies!  

Photos of Dr. Kaeri by Jenny Downer of She Saw Things

An opportunity to learn and heal.

Welcome! Thanks for joining the conversation.

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